Shawn Shanahan, APRN, WHNP-BC

In 1987, I became a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitio­ner and have enjoyed helping women of all ages learn about their health and their bodies. I have a background in public health nurs­ing as well as in home health and medical-surgical nursing. Most of my nursing career has been spent serving the Flathead Valley area, which is where my husband and I raised our two sons.


I have always been thankful for my education and grateful to the clients who trust in my abilities to assist them with their health care needs. Few concerns in life are as personal as health care decisions. I strive to empower women to make the best pos­sible choices concerning the quality of their lives. In so doing, I continually learn from my clients and for my clients; therefore, I have added to my nursing background obstetrical-gynecological ultrasound skills and certification as a Wholistic Health Educator. I also returned to school after becoming a nurse practitioner for my master’s degree as a clinical nurse specialist in adult health. I have spent time teaching nursing at Salish-Kootenai College and at Northern Nevada Community Col­lege in Elko, NV. I have served as a preceptor for nurse practitioner and R.N. students. I have kept abreast of political issues which impact women’s health through active participation in professional organizations.


This is an exciting time to be a woman seeking health care as the research and de­velopments in women’s health issues continually expand providing us with new choices to pursue quality living. As a Wholistic Health Educator, I partner with clients to assist them in integrating complementary and conventional health services. This integration optimizes appropriate utilization of mainstream medicine and alternative modalities.


Caring for people is a humbling, yet rewarding endeavor. I enjoy the constant chal­lenge of meeting people’s needs in a satisfying way for them. I appreciate every chance women and their families allow me to participate in their health care as good health is one of life’s most precious assets.




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