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Richard H. Taylor, M.D. is a board-certified expert in minimally invasive robotic and laser surgery.  He has performed thousands of minimally invasive laser surgery cases.  Since the infancy of laparoscopic surgery in the early ’80s he has been intimately involved in the development of laparoscopic “Band-Aid” surgery techniques, and has taught many physicians the same.  He was nominated for the “GOLDEN HYSTEROSCOPE AWARD” at the Worlds Congress of endoscopy in New York, as the inventor of a highly successful surgical technique.  He is the author of chapters in recognized medical textbooks for physicians, on minimally invasive surgery.  He has also published articles in national and international professional Journals on ground breaking studies regarding outpatient surgery for major gynecologic procedures.


Currently, Dr. Taylor is using the da Vinci surgery robot to enhance major “Band-Aid” surgery, provided to patient’s through tiny “keyhole” incisions.  The da Vinci robot provides amazing precision, a three-dimensional image rather than 2-D (like a TV), and magnifies the niew of the patient’s anatomy by 10x.  This is like “walking around inside the patient” and being able to perform any type of major surgery through a laparoscope.

Dr. Taylor says: “We’re now in an era where large incisions are no longer necessary for all gynecologic surgery!” In other words, “if you want to have any female surgery performed without the large additional incision, come and see us.  You will go home with only Band-Aids.”


Also, 9 out of 10 of our patients go home in less than 5 hours if they choose to do so.  This applies to those who have even the most major female surgeries!



Dr. Taylor is married to Deanne, has 4 children, 6 grandchildren, and enjoys living and recreating in the Flathead Valley.  He is an avid snow skier, water skier, fisherman, and gardener. He takes great pride providing the most up-to-date and compassionate care to all of his patients.

Richard H. Taylor, M.D. with the da Vinci Robot