Infertility Treatment

Helping You Build A Family One Couple At A Time

Understanding and treating the factors that affect becoming and staying pregnant, has been a goal of Northwest Women’s Health Care since our formation in 1977. We are unconditionally committed in time, education and services to be you and your partner’s team of specialists.  Personalizing the myriad of tests, medical and surgical treatments appropriate for you is best met by a team of nurse practitioners, doctors and support staff.

In our early years of development, we quickly associated with the University of Washington Reproductive & Endocrinology Center.  This clinic has been a great resource for us and we quickly formed a relationship as a Satellite Clinic for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IVF, GIFT, etc.)  Through membership with the American Society for Reproductive medicine, we are forever evaluating, critiquing and integrating the newer treatments into the most reliable treatment plans.


Make an appointment for a consult if you believe you should have been pregnant by this time or a past health problem has you concerned about becoming or staying pregnant.



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