Female Sterilization

  • No More “Tubal Ligations”
  • No More Anesthesia
  • No More Vasectomies
  • No Incisions – Rapid Recovery


The Essure procedure is a procedure which involves placing a tiny device into each of the fallopian tubes.  The same materials contained in these devices have been used in the heart and other parts of the body for many years.  In approximately 3 months, body tissue grows into the device thus blocking the tubes.

This minimally invasive procedure is done using a tiny scope that goes through the cervix into the uterus.  It is done in 10 to 15 minutes using only pain pills and anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen or naproxin).  The short length of the procedure allows patients to return to normal activity in 24 hrs. or less.  Some patients have no pain at all!


We are happy to provide this treatment option to our patients.  Over 100,000 Essure procedures have been performed worldwide and the procedure is virtually 100% effective.  Many insurance companies are reimbursing for this procedure.



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