About Northwest Women’s Health Care

“From the minute you enter the elegant waiting room at Northwest Women’s Health Care (NWWHC) in Kalispell you know that the level of care that you are about to experience will be different.


The space feels more like a living room with soft colors and lighting, plush chairs fit for a queen along with ample reading material and a flat-screen television that help set a comfortable and comforting tone for you as you fill out paperwork or wait to see your healthcare provider.


Our providers see approximately 1,000 women each month. Many of these women have travelled from outside the state and from Canada for the level of care offered by Dr. Taylor, Dr. Rogers, Dr. Eastham, Dr. Barrong, Dr. Miller and six certified, highly experienced, nurse practitioners.  Same day appointments are available.


Our pledge to provide excellent care means continuously learning and sharing in the medical community. A morning meeting of the ‘providers of the day’ is carried out daily before patients arrive to ensure that all is in efficient order to provide our signature level of care that day.


This collaboration means patients are able to benefit from the talents and expertise of the entire team. Our team is committed to seeing each patient’s problem to resolution with comprehensive and coordinated care. All patients have the option to see Dr. Richard Taylor, Dr. Robert M. Rogers, Dr. Ben Eastham, Dr. Heath Miller, Dr. Shawn D. Barrong or one of the experienced certified nurse practitioners for the care.


Our team shares a passion for their profession and strives for current treatment options for their patients. The Surgeons at NWWHC have been leaders in the use of minimally invasive surgery employing laparoscopic surgery with incisions so small that patients are often sent home the same day with only a band-aid or Steri-Strip. Current procedures and treatments available at NWWHC include Vaginal Laser Treatments, Gynecology, Vaginal repair, Infertility, Ultrasound, Urinary Incontinence, our clinic also offers  Essure, a minimally invasive sterilization procedure.


All of our providers encourage you to participate in your healthcare with an emphasis on preventative measures and maintaining wellness. We provide handouts, test results online, and encourage you to become educated about your health and making individual choices for a healthy lifestyle, treatment, and care.


When you walk through the door at NWWHC you are met with smiles and caring people that feel like family. You will find a place where we will listen like a friend, possess the patience and dedication of a mother or a father, the understanding of a sister — all while offering professionalism in your care and treatment of every woman as an individual.”




‘The Patient always comes First’


Hundreds of years ago Hippocrates set the standard for doctors of medicine caring for patients. The oath emphasizes the need for compassionate and protective care at all times. Our Mission is to…. provide a level of care that is exceptional and we believe that the needs of our patients should always come first.


Our providers have more than 100 years of combined experience caring for women and we are proud to provide dedicated, comprehensive, complete women’s healthcare to all.”


We are UNCONDITIONALLY committed to:







  • Taking care of the patients as they have never been cared for prior.
  • Providing the highest quality medical practice in the Northwest.
  • Being the largest infertility center in Montana
  • Meeting our client's reasonable needs in a timely fashion.


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